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The Fitness Ninja is here to provide progressive workouts and nutritional guidance to help bring out the best in you.  Whether you have 5lbs or 105lbs to lose, or you're just looking to take your workouts to the next level, I can design a highly effective program that is right for you.  I also include (at no additional charge) motivation, accountability, and expertise in pushing you further than

you possibly ever dreamed.  I have great faith and belief in my clients, and have seen so many people accomplish some amazing things.  YOU could be next!



Personal training will provide you with a unique, tailored workout based on your wants and needs.  Whatever the goal, I will design the workout specific to you, insuring proper progression along the way.



If you enjoy an energetic group environment, Fitness Ninja Bootcamp is for you!  These workouts may accidentally elicit a cuss word or too, but oddly enough they'll leave you wanting more.  Workouts include cardio, conditioning, and strength training...and a lot of sweat.



Any good health and wellness plan involves a healthy diet as well.  Your body is an amazing machine when fueled properly.  Fitness Ninja Training will provide all clients with a food plan to fit their needs, and appropriate Advocare supplementation to fill in the gaps if needed.


Visit our online shop of stealthy Fitness Ninja gear.  Unique products for yourself, your friends, or that special ninja in your life.  T-shirts, water bottles, hoodies, and more.

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